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Culture In this essay will be discussing what “defines” American culture through the eyes of other. Will be using the definitions of the people interviewed over the last few days. Will also be using the lesson material and the readings that were assigned to us. This essay will hopefully give a different perspective to your thoughts of American culture. There are millions of different takes on what American culture is to each person in this country, this will just be a small take on what those people think.

Through the interviews conducted over the last few days I have found that everyone I’ve talked to has a different take on what they think of America culture. The main consensus I received from everyone talked to is that American culture is made up of many things. My brother defines it as the way We live our everyday lives to leisure activities we enjoy and also the laws and taboos that are set out there. If you take to my friend Joe, his outlook on American culture is we abuse our liberties in the name of freedom, oppressing minority voices while perpetuating the ideologies of the very ultra we sought to break away from.

He also believes we are self-absorbed as defined by what we are inundated with daily: selfless, I This, fast-food, 20- minute abs, reality shows, and the high-speed everything. Both of my sister in laws believe that we are defined by the music we listen to, the movies we watch, and the foods that clog our arteries. Funny thing about the sister in laws is that they live in different states, never met each other, and are two totally different ages but they have pretty close to the same definition on

American culture. The readings this lesson have kind of opened my eyes to a little different thinking on what I think of American culture. The reading “One Hundred Percent American” by Ralph Linton really changed my outlook on what think of culture, because of the way it broke down everything we used on a daily basis. For instance the line “On awakening he glances at the clock, a medieval European invention, uses one potent Latin word in abbreviated form, rises in haste, and goes to the bathroom. “.

My entire life I have thought of the clock s being an American invention and coming from another country, I would have gone on thinking that the rest of my life if I had not read this article. The article mentioned a few things that I did not realize that were invented by other countries and in much earlier time periods than I thought. I would have to say before reading this article my outlook was almost the exact same as the person in the article. I would say between all of the readings, interviews, and the lessons that we have had this week that I can say with confidence that my “definition” of

American culture has changed. What “defines” American culture is so broad and expansive it is hard to nail down to one certain thing or group Of things. I would have to say that a lot of what defines it is that people believe that it is the music we listen to or the way we dress or how much stuff we own. That would be just a general over all view of what the majority thinks and portrays as our culture. In conclusion, American culture is defined as many different thing by many different people and in many different ways.


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