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As daily technology the culture of America is also developing according with the time. Some of the ideas and ideals relating to the national holidays, unique American sports, and military tradition and arts entertainment make American culture proud. The people of America are also proud about the traditions so I?s a national pride. As the modern world moves towards the future the American western culture also is growing and influencing the young people and children in the society by knowing the best values of the American life like time, styles, law, regional differences, religion, dating and relationships.

According to the research it has been found that culture has been followed by the 70% of the Americans and the other 30% won’t follow them because they have their own way of culture or style in this county. Personally have never been to America before. This is my first year in America as a student as and I have seen many culture differences between me and America students and I have seen some American students follow the culture and some wont. For example if seen some students like be on time and other students won’t be n time, so its personal culture or style which overcome the American culture.

So to strengthen my project I have done a survey about America culture with the two people know very well in the university. The first person is my roommate Kyle and the second person is my boss Mr.. Bryant. I work with him in admissions department. In the survey I have asked questions on American culture and briefly about how they follow culture in there daily life. So in this survey they give personal reflection on the questions what they thick and do in their life. How do you manage to do things on time? Be on time to schedule? My roommate Kyle thinks she plans a head before and writes it down in his planner.

So he can mange the time and meet his schedule. Mr.. Bryant thinks he often behind schedule and rarely on time. To manage his time to do the small things first and the big things last. So by this method Mr.. Bryant mange his time and meet his schedule. He suggested that doing one thing at a time could also help people to keep up with the tasks. I thick both of the reflections are very valuTABLE and informative by these reflections. I can say how the culture is help the people in their daily life and every individual have their arsenal way to approach and over come the culture. Do Americans communicate more casual?

My roommate Kyle thinks it depends on the setting. If he is with his friends he discuss the things casual but while he is working then he will communicate professionally. Mr.. Bryant thinks communication style is more causal. Respect for adults and people of power the conversation can still be casual and less serious. He also suggest that being less formal with the people will open up the thoughts, feelings and make you more comforTABLE to take. I do agree with the reflections. Reasonably thick being casual with the people make your more close and comforTABLE because casual conversations are also seen as more trusting and transparent.

What do you thick about regional difference in the United States? My roommate Kyle thinks regional difference does exist like communication, interacting, how friendly, time difference and food. Kyle is from two different cultures the southern states and the northern states and he experience the differences of the regions. Mr.. Bryant thinks regional difference are the common to come up with but he thinks the racial and ethnic differences are such more important to the average person than our regional differences.

People assume since you are from the United States, it will be easy to live anywhere. It’s somewhat interesting to see the culture shock of people who move to different regions and how they are perceived in the new environment. The values systems in these regions are somewhat different as well. It’s the whole part of sociology. Does religion matter to people in United States? My roommate Kyle thinks religion depends on the person who you are and he also says that he follow Christian faith, but do not attend church.

He says American is a free country so any one can explore whatever you wanted. Mr.. Bryant thinks religion is the very important for him as most of the population who follows the religion. He also thinks that unfortunately, as time progresses, religion seems to be more and more lost on the generations. Thick part of it is due to the view of people who practice religion being sheep who can’t think for them. Conclude that American culture has unique perspective from every each individual and they have there own style or methods to follow the culture.

In he culture some of the main important sub cultures like time, communication, regional and religion are the most estimated things by the people. But some people may follow the culture and some people may not follow because of there own way of thinking. So the culture is the main source and pride thing for the country to see. In my survey I found that culture is personality based by the reification on my questions. But in my personal view cultural is actually helps the people to keep up the things and follow the peaceful path and help them in succeed in life.


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