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The church of the latterly Saints, know as the Morons,was founded in 1 83 O in upstate New York by Joseph Smith. Met by hostilely for its unorthodox techniques and practice. Most controversial practice was polygamy. Temperance Goal of the temperance movement was to limit or even ban the production as lee, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The temperance movement was especially popular among women. Many women were troubled by the large amount of alcohol their husbands DRP ann. In the perceive War period, the American Temperance Union had some success

Alcohol consumption was on the rise throughout the 1 sass, despite the effort s of the temperance movement. Temperance and Nativity Nativity was both an emotional impulse as well as an organized movement. The Asylum and Penitentiary Movement In early America, the mentally ill were often treated as common criminals, esp. ending years behind bars. In the 1 8405, activist, spearheaded a movement to improve treatment for the mentally ill. Throated Dig efforts let to the creation of the first generation of mental asylum m in the united States. Public Education

Horace Mann was secretary of Education in Massachusetts in the asses and asses and also served in the U. S House of Representatives. Movement believed education is essential to democratic participation. TRANSCENDENTALISM The movement put more stock in intuition than in the empirical observation. Henry David Thoreau wrote about the importance of nature in finding mean Some transcendentalists separated themselves from mainstream society;seven utopian communities were started by transcendentalist thinkers during this p erred. ABOLITIONISM Abolitionism was a minority opinion among northern whites in the antebellum period.

Major impact on America, opening up sectional divisions that contributed to t he Civil War. David Walker David Walker issued a pamphlet entitled called on people of African descent t o resist slavery by every means. His praises of selflessness made southern furious. William Lloyd Garrison and Immediate Emancipation Garrison, the key figure in the movement for the immediate and encompass Ted abolition of slavery. Most antislavery activist before garrison advocated colonization, or sending FRR deed slaves of these approaches. Garrison broke with both of these approaches.

Abolitionism and Electoral Politics A group of abolitionists formed the Liberty Party in 1840. This minor third party differed from Garrison, who insisted that the Constitution on protected slavery and, therefore, should be condemned. Rejected participating in electoral politics. The Lovely Incident A violent incidence in 1837 sent chills over the abolitionist movement. Frederick Douglass Douglass was born into slavery (1818) and escaped to the North in 1 838 He has learned to read and write, and he soon became a powerful speaker in the antislavery movement.

Seneca Falls Convention A group of women challenged the cultural and legal restrictions on women in the antebellum period. The convention was organized by Lucrative Motto and Elizabeth Caddy Stanton. The convention issued a Declaration of sentiments modeled after the Declare Zion of Independence. The American Renaissance in Literature Some of the greatest literature in American history come out of the decades b fore the Civil War, especially asses to 1855. It also focused on the promise and the contradictions of American experiment tin building a democratic nation in the New World.


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