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The term Asian American was used informally by activists in the asses who sought an alternative to the term Oriental, arguing that the latter was derogatory. Today, Asian American is the accepted term for most formal purposes, such as government and academic research, although it is often shortened to Asian in common usage. Asia has a variety of festivals and celebrations. In China, Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid Autumn Moon Festival are traditional holidays, while National Day is a holiday of the People’s Republic of China. In Japan, Japanese New Year, National

Foundation Day, Children’s Day, O-bon, The Emperor’s Birthday, and Christmas are popular. According to Japanese synthetics, most Japanese celebrate Buddhism O-bon in midsummer, Shinto’s Chichi-Go-San in November, and Christmas and Heterogamous in winter together. The Philippines is also tagged as the “Fiesta Country” because of its all-year-round celebrations nationwide. There is a very strong Spanish influence in their festivals, thus making the Philippines, distinctively more Western. Most of these fiestas are celebrated in honor of a patron Saint. To summarize it all, at least every municipality has a fiesta.

Some examples include Issuing from Zebu and Olio’s Dandifying. In many parts of Asia, rice is a staple food, and it is mostly served steamed or as a porridge known as conge. China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of rice. In China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam, people usually use chopsticks to eat traditional food, but shapes of chopsticks are different in these countries. For example, Japanese chopsticks are cone shaped to eat bony fish easily. Korean chopsticks are made of metal. It is said that wood is rarer than metal in the Korean peninsula and metal chopsticks can prevent to poison.

An island nation surrounded by ocean, Japan has various fish dishes. Especially, fresh raw fish cuisines are very popular in Japan, such as Sushi and Sashimi. The Asian family has a strong bond and this provides for growth and opportunity within the family, and also when they reach adulthood. There are many Asian culture associations that provide an extended family for many Asian Americans. The business world of the Asian American is strongly linked to family also. The Asian family run business is a constant in many communities. You will see family working together in their restaurant or other type of business.

The Asian culture associations are also availTABLE to provide extra bonding. The Asian family has certain expectations for their children and the children know what is expected of them. The Asian culture associations are there to help reinforce the values of the family. Many families expect the children to use the capacity they have for learning to achieve good grades in school. The Asian family will reward the child for a perfect four point average in school. This can carry through to the Asian culture associations as well. They provide after school activities that compliment the parent’s beliefs.

The Asian family has a deep sense Of family and respect the many generations that very often live in the same area. The result is a well rounded child with a strong identity and bright future. The Asian culture associations are varied and continue to encourage adults and children alike. The Asian family usually will have a very sTABLE, nurturing place to call home. Some of the Asian culture associations can be church groups, sports minded groups or just a group of peers for children and adults. These groups can help the Asian family become an integral part of the community in which they live.

Unfortunately, there can still be some prejudice in the country where the Asian family lives. The Asian culture associations can help families work out this problem. They can provide ideas for dealing with any type of problem. They will enhance the traditions of the Asian family while helping to integrate you within the new culture. The Asian culture associations can help to keep the traditions strong as well. The Asian family instills faith in the home, and the most common faith is Catholicism. The reason that Catholicism is the top religion is due to many of the missions in the Pacific islands.

In fact, the Philippines were one of the most common places for the missionaries. They are also one of the largest Asian culture associations in the United States. The next religion is agnostic in which faith is not practiced. As you have seen in the above information Asian Americans are very well rounded in their community and strive to perform at the highest level of perfection. There is a little bit of a change in the communities. Some of the children experience more of the American dream than their parents. This is due to more open opportunities to these children in the last few years and it will continue to be more open in the future.


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